Obi ri Droch Shuil: Spell for the Evil Eye

Here beeth Morrhigan’s Spell for the Eye,
  Given to Beautiful Brighid.
Use it for Earth and for Sea,
  And for Fire and Wind.
Use it for Talon and Wing,
  And for Tooth of the Wolf.

Let he who laid the Eye on me,
By selfsame Eye have Curses three:
His Flock decreased, his House destroyed,
His ev’ry Wile for nought deployed!

By Awesome Strength destroy the Eye!
Deflect from thee the Burning Dart,
The Triple Doleful Tongues of Death,
  Descending to the Bowels,
  The Naval, and the Breast!

  From Brighid’s Heart,
  From Cailleach’s Heart,
  From Danu’s Heart!
  So be it!


Imbolc February 2

If you're looking for prayers or blessings to celebrate the sabbat of Imbolc, here's where you'll find a selection of original devotionals that bid farewell to the winter months and honor the goddess Brighid, as well as seasonal blessings for your meals, hearth, and home. Feel free to adjust or modify these prayers as you need to, in order to fit the themes of your own magical tradition and beliefs.

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Prayers for Imbolc

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    Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Brigid's Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on 1 and 2 February, or about halfway between the…

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